Mother's Day gift!

Mother's Day is a hard day of a handful of days throughout the year for me. I lost my mother not even 3 years ago. So i try and keep a low profile and spend time with my wife and my dogs. But this year was different...We found baby kittens in our shed over the weekend!! They are ADORABLE! I will try and get a shot of all 4 of them soon. They are very shy, and mommy doesn't like when I go in there so I'm keeping my distance. But this curious guy came to say hi. This made Mother's Day a little easier to get through.

This is Mom's second litter she's had on our property. As much as we LOVE kittens (doesn't everyone?) we would love to get her fixed, problem is she's too fast to catch. In the meantime I will enjoy these little fur balls and keep trying to capture their cuteness!